37 Responses to “Tickets”

  1. motorbike guy

    Actually, I was behind the board for Grant National, Nonagon, Austerity Program and Bradley’s Kentucky Chrome Revue. I am pleased with the mixes that Ryan posted, except for the KCR, there was just too much going on there. Of course, I had much help from Boombats, Ryan (Bleh) and Justin, among others. It was entirely a group effort.

  2. Liz Bustamante

    Someone needs to make an animated gif out of the photos of Alan’s lamp blowing up.

  3. BillyBob

    It was good the whole night, interesting, provocative music…
    and then came the – I can’t bear to even spell out the word…
    You know, the sea creature that we call calamari when we eat it? Starts with an O.

    That was repeatedly screamed and grunted ad naseum until I was forced to mute the show!
    It went on for many minutes, just that one word screamed at irregular intervals and the most boring bass line imaginable. How many times did that guy scream that word, ayway, like 666 times or somthing?

    Yup, you defeated me, the avant garde and experimental noise composition aficionado that I believe myself to be, I thought I could take anything, but your tuneless monotony made me tune out.
    Thanks for the show, and goodnight.

  4. kerble

    This particular picture of Patrick Walsh is what inspired the bio I wrote for Mr. King. I’m not sure how he did it, but it is exactly the impression Walsh leaves. so great.

  5. Conan Neutron

    Holy frijoles! The Itinerant locals are still playing? That’s awesome, played with them on tour randomly in Minneapolis 10 years ago. That’s all kind of awesome.

  6. Maurice Rickard

    Bravo, gentlemen. Great work, hats off. (I’m having a hard time not repeating the “Cowboy Song” cover. Damn, man–that’s a hell of a great rock performance right there.)

  7. Paul

    Hey guys, thanks for posting this. Could we fix the bandcamp link here on this page so it goes to: cowardband.bandcamp.com

  8. Kevin Meyer

    HI! I REALLY want to attend the PRFBBQ Chicago this year, but missed the donation window!! Will additional tickets be available at any time? Thanks

  9. Steve

    Will they release any additional passes? I’m coming from out of town and my friend missed the availability to get a 3 day pass. Can you attend single day as first-come first-serve?

  10. Stan

    Hello, I was wondering if there will be any individual day passes for Saturday 6/21 available and if so how can I get them?



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