PRFBBQ2020 – July 9-12

PRFBBQ 2020 will be held July 9-12 in Chicago.

July 9: Location TBA

July 10: Location TBA

July 11: Workshop 4200

July 12: Workshop 4200

BAND SUBMISSIONS are open now! Submissions will be accepted from February 3rd (8:00am) through March 9th (12:00pm). Bands: Send your submission with a link to your music + quick note about yourself to

Being a charity event, we can offer full weekend passes + food/drink to bands who are selected to play, in lieu of payment. If that’s an issue for your band, the BBQ may not be for you.

Apart from a few curated selections, the majority of the bands selected to play the BBQ will be determined by pre-sale ticket holders, who will vote on all submissions in one large block (as opposed to the bracket system of last year).

If we need 28 bands, for instance, pre-sale ticket holders will vote on exactly 28 bands from the submissions. In that case, the 28 bands with the most votes would be offered a slot at the BBQ.

PRE-SALE TICKETS will be available from February 15th (9:00am) through March 30th (9:00am). More info on that soon. Tickets will be available beyond this window, of course, but if one purchases a ticket after March 30th, they will not be able to vote on the bands.

VOTING will be accepted from March 14th (9:00am) through April 4th (12:00pm), and the voting method will be accessible to pre-sale ticket holders only. Voters will be able to view all the bands – and links to their music – in one block instead of brackets.

Our CHARITY partners in 2020 are Test Prevention Awareness Network (TPAN) and Chicago HOPES for Kids. After modest expenses are covered, all proceeds will be split 50/50 between those charities.




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