Hey, let’s do this thing again for Campout #4! Walks in the woods, kayaks and canoes, falling leaves, rock climbing, archery, and of course chill times by the campfire.

This is as campy as you want it to be: Indoor heated dorms, heated cabins, unheated cabins, yurts, or bring your tent, or sleep in a pile of poison ivy. Lots of folks bring their kids, you can too! Food provided along w/ your reservation.

Amino Acids / Bailey Williams / Blank Banker / Body Futures / Cal (From sewingneedle and Gerund) / Conan Neutron (Acoustic) / Deathsnack / Dena Woods / Drainflies / Erratic Retaliator Strategy / Korean Jeans / Lackluster / Michael Harold Doty / Motes / Petrillo / Photo-Curio / Regal Machines / Ressurectionists / The Rutabega / Small Awesome / Sycamore Smith / Wowza

Please book your accommodations no later than Sept 30!

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Any other questions? please email: prf campout at the ol’ gmail-dot-com

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