Union Rock Yards

LKN performing at the unofficial Touch & Go After Party 9/8/06

This site was launched in summer of 2011, a year that let us know the end is near with the unleashing of thunder snow, nuclear meltdowns, hail storms the size of VW bugs, riots in London, and of course, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. We figured there was no better time to archive the going ons of the last few years of our music community.

It started on an internet message board, and moved to a basement. From there it journeyed to New York, and Austin, soon to be followed by Copenhagen and Oakland. The PRF BBQ is a festival of music and a celebration of friends.

PRFBBQ2010 Chris Hall The Hype 26

Bradley and on odd group of cohorts perform live with The Hype! Live Band Karaoke at the PRFBBQ2010 at THInk Space in Chicago, IL. Photo By Chris Hall


Every festival has a team behind it. Our team of volunteers, who selflessly pull these events together, are amazing to us. Food has been lovingly prepared and organized by Jeff Fox of Kitchen Sink, among many others. Beer has been brewed by John Albert and Jim Donaldson. The A/V team includes Rich Fessler, Mark Oster, Scott Picco, Matt Engstrom, Jim Birch, Keith @ Quenchers, and Ryan Denmark Steele, Justin Foley, Evan Rowe, and Boombats.

The Massive Organization and Boring Details Board of Correctors includes, but is not limited to, Scott Picco, Rich Fessler, Jonah Winnick, Bradley R. Weissenberger, Liz Bustamante, Trey Pool, Jeff Fox, Brent Mix, John Houlihan, Ryan Duncan, Mat Biscan, John Barlow, Julia Barlow, Conan Neutron, DJ Hostettler, Elliot Turton, and probably a whole bunch more people that I am forgetting.

Union Rock Yards

Union Rock Yards

Special Thanks

We must send out a special thanks to the venues that have allowed up to come in, take over, and have dozens of bands play loud music.

To everyone at Klas Restaurant, Metropolis Coffee, The Observatory, Quenchers Saloon, Secret Project Robot, The Slab, THInk Space, Union Rock Yards, Borelli’s, and Livewire Lounge a big hearty thanks, from all of us, to all of you!


If you wish to contribute something monetarily, please purchase something from the bands themselves, or better yet go see one of their shows, or come to a BBQ and say hello. You will be able to find available items from bands in the Recordings Category.

If you are a fan of the structure and layout of the site, and all that geeky stuff, please consider donating a few bucks to the developers of the WordPress plugins that this site uses. All of these developers allow their work to be used for free for non-commercial purposes. They are the indie rockers of the internet.


Wow, if you got this far, you must be pretty interested. If you want to contact me, I have a Contact Form over there where you can get a hold of me.