PRFBBQ Louisville 2016 is coming! Sept 1-4

The PRFBBQ returns to Louisville, KY Sept 1-4 over Labor Day weekend and its going to be quite the banger!  This one is not to be missed. With heaps of PRFBBQ mainstays like Nonagon, Risk/Reward, The Columbines, and The Conformists, along with noise rock heavies WHORES., Multicult, Buildings, Bummer, power take-Off, sprinkled with awesome Louisville locals like Anwar Sadat, Parlour, Waxeater, Trophy Wives; the event is shaping up to “unfuckwithable”.  60 bands, 3 venues, 4 days, food, drinks, charity raffle, sweat, hugs.  Get your tickets early at or use the PayPal button below.






Miss summer camp?  Like rocking out with friends?  Come to the “Gathering of the Huggalos”* and “Rock Out with Your Camp-out.”**

There will be games, bands, campfire sing-a-longs, activities, cabins, bunk beds, tents, yurts, walks in the woods, boats – all of this.

Activities include: kayaking and canoes, archery, climbing wall, a tree-tops ropes course.***  All meals and activities included.  Per person pricing ranges from $110-$150 per person for EVERYTHING.***

For more information about pricing or any other questions, send an email to the address in the flyer!

* credit: Casugas
** credit: Nikki
***ropes course is an extra $20 to pay for instructors


PRF BBQ West 2016 – April 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

The third west coast edition of the PRF BBQ West is upon us!

2016 schedule:
April 22nd: Friday – April 22nd – Starline Social Club, 645 W Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
April 23rd and 24th: Mosswood Park, 3612 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94609
$40 – 3 Day Pass (food included) 2-Day Pass $25, $10-Friday only, $15 Sat/Sun Only

Please get your passes below:


PRF BBQ 2016 Passes
Fri-Sun-3 Day Pass-4/22-24-Food included $40.00 USD
2 Day Pass-Sat-Sun-4/23-4/24-Food included $25.00 USD
Friday 4/22 ONLY $10.00 USD
Saturday 4/23 ONLY-Food included $15.00 USD
Sunday 4/24 ONLY-Food included $15.00 USD

RSVP to the Facebook event page.


Bands playing:
Friday – April 22nd – Starline Social Club, 645 W Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

7:30PM-8:00PM: Disastroid (San Francisco, CA)
8:15PM-8:45PM: Praying (Oakland, CA)
9:00PM-9:30PM: Glaciers (San Francisco/Oakland, CA)
9:45PM-10:15PM: Catastrophe Girlfriend (Santa Cruz, CA)
10:30PM-11:00PM: The Tunnel (San Francisco, CA)
11:15PM-11:45PM: Reptoid (Oakland, CA)
midnight-??: Cartographer (Los Angeles/San Francisco, CA)

Saturday – April 23rd – Mosswood Park Amphitheater, 3612 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94609

noon-12:30PM Underpass Brass (San Francisco, CA)
12:45PM-1:15PM: Amelie Prime (Portland, OR)
1:30PM-2:00PM: Bathysphere (Berkeley, CA)
2:15PM-2:45PM: Glass Cat (Eugene, OR)
3:00PM-3:30PM: SEMINARS (Seattle, WA)
3:45PM-4:15PM: Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends (Oakland, CA/Louisville, KY)
4:30PM-5:00PM: Tyranny is Tyranny (Madison, WI)
5:15PM-5:45PM: Roland (San Francisco, CA)
6:00PM-6:30PM: Hurry Up Shotgun (Oakland, CA)
6:45PM-7:15PM: Motherfucker (Athens, GA)
7:30PM-8:15PM: Oxbow (San Francisco, CA)

Sunday – April 24th – Mosswood Park Amphitheater, 3612 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94609

noon-12:30PM Tongue Party (Minneapolis, MN)
12:45PM-1:15PM: Select Sex (Los Angeles, CA)
1:30PM-2:00PM: La Fin Absolute Du Monde (Oakland, CA)
2:15PM-2:45PM: Externs (San Francisco, CA)
3:00PM-3:30PM: Faux Canada (San Francisco, CA)
3:45PM-4:15PM: Thoughts Detecting Machines (Bloomington, IL – Poster Children)
4:30PM-5:00PM: Quivers (San Francisco, CA)
5:15PM-5:45PM: Have Special Power (Oakland, CA)
6:00PM-6:30PM: Color TV (San Francisco, CA)
6:45PM-7:15PM: Love Moon (Oakland, CA)
7:30PM-8:15PM: Porch (Oakland, CA)

Get your passes at the link above
It’s $40 for the whole weekend, but that includes food and 2 drink tickets.


PRFBBQLOU2015 Presale Tickets

The PRF BBQ is venturing south for the first time, and you all should venture with it. Many more details to come, but first up venue information, and an opportunity to be first to but tickets in our exclusive Pre-Sale!

We will be updating this page with the schedule and more info as we get it.

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Mag Bar

1398 S 2nd St
Louisville, KY 40208
13 bands, Punk vinyl DJ’s, backyard grill out.

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

The Cure Lounge

1481 S Shelby St
Louisville, KY 40206
18+ bands, 3 stages, PRF rock and roll vinyl DJ’s, catered grill food

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

The Cure Lounge

1481 S Shelby St
Louisville, KY 40206
18+ bands, 3 stages, PRF rock and roll vinyl DJ’s, catered grilled food, movie screening.

Presale Tickets!

Choose an option below. You can buy a Saturday/Sunday Two day pass, or a Single Day pass for Saturday or Sunday. Friday night’s show is going to be space available door tickets at the bar.

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Plus a Screening of the “Burn To Shine: Louisville” featuring performances by Shipping News, Dead Child, Bonnie Prince Billy, LORDS, Parlour, VRKTM, Ultra Pulverize and more!

Fanta Sea

PRFBBQ2015 Schedule and Tickets

5 days, 6 venues, 50 some odd bands. Food and drink to satiate the most gluttonous kings and queens. Laughter, hugs, joy, awesome time with friends, new and old, all the regular PRF BBQ jam.

Two day passes are sold out. There may be tickets available at the door.

Schedule is subject to, and will most likely change. Set times have not been announced.

The event is 100% not for profit, so after expenses anything raised will go to the Friends of McPherson (CPS School McPherson) and the Center for Changing Lives,

Things you can do now:

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 at Livewire Lounge

Thursday, June 18th, 2015 at Township

We’ll be screening of Episode One: China of The World Underground with Film maker John Yingling.  We’ll also have live music from The Columbines and a DJ set from The Fuzzbox Chicago DJs.

Friday, June 19th, 2015 at Quenchers

Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at K’s Dugout

Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at Borelli’s East

Sunday, June 21st, 2015 at Borelli’s East